Reader: Pete’s Open All Night time an indication that Denver is returning to regular

One of the victims of the pandemic was the non-stop dining concept. Under the COVID restrictions, all restaurants in Colorado were restricted to limited hours, making it impossible to operate 24/7. And when those restrictions were limited, Metro Denver restaurateurs found it difficult to fill their seats, so cutting off many of the late night hours.

But that weekend in 1962, Pete’s Kitchen on East Colfax Avenue was finally ready to sleep the late Pete Contos, who started a Denver restaurant empire, including Pete’s Kitchen, on Friday and Saturday night.

And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of this story, the regulars clearly agree. Says Butch:

After all! Bruce adds: This is the hallmark of normal Denver life.

Comments Mike: Just in time for Pride !! Get ready for us drunk gays !! Haha.

Seriously, great news. Be nice to the staff. I am sure you will be overwhelmed after COVID and a busy weekend.

Recalls JT:
Miss living in this area. Pete’s was / is one of my favorite after-hours restaurants when I’m in Denver.

Says Emily: This is the place after a long night that you absolutely have to try.

In conclusion, Arlene: Everything is fine with the world now.

When will Pete be fully on duty 24/7? That still has to be determined and depends a lot on the staffing. “It’s very competitive right now,” said Barakos. “The staff are really the heart of the restaurant, so we can’t work to the full without enough people.”

Have you been to Pete’s Kitchen this weekend? Which restaurants would you like to see go back to the old days? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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