Residents in some Denver neighborhoods say unlawful bike racing is widespread – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– Wheelies on a motorcycle on Federal Boulevard can be dangerous. How dangerous? Moments after CBS4 photographer Mark Neitro captured a group of motorcyclists with the front tire of a bicycle in the air, flames were visible a short distance away.

(Credit: CBS)

The motorcycle burned when sirens announced the arrival of firefighters. It wasn’t clear if the driver hit a barrier and crashed, but one person tweeted that this was the result of a stunt that went wrong.

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Denver police say they are not sure if the motorcycles have raced, but those who live and work here say it is common.

Bernadette Barron works at Grandpa’s Big Burgers on Federal and said that wasn’t uncommon.

“Maybe 100 motorbikes, big motorbikes on the street, racing up and down the street, they just peel off or pop wheelies in the street,” she said.

(Credit: CBS)

Barron said she didn’t know what happened.

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Rick Sallinger of CBS4 asked her, “What if I told you that one of those bikes crashed and burned?”

“Oh really? Oh man,” she said.

Anyone on the motorcycle could evidently get on another bike and take off with the others.

Road races on motorcycles are exhibited and celebrated on the YouTube website “Outspoken Tiger”. But those who make a living from bikes like Alex Krill at AK Cycles regret it.

“I think it’s dangerous. It puts people at risk, in cars, on the other motorcycles that do it too. I’ve seen too many bikes that crashed because of it, ”he said.

(Credit: CBS)

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There is an annual event in Denver where large numbers of motorcycles ride together, sometimes blocking major highways. The purpose, say the organizers, is to honor those killed on the streets on motorcycles. Fortunately, Monday night’s accident on Federal Boulevard wasn’t another.

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