Rooftop terraces with views that open in time for spring in Denver

On the opening day, April 10th, guests enjoy a warm afternoon on a dog-friendly terrace in the Golden Mill. The new Goldene Mühle offers five local dining concept options, over 50 home-brewed local taps, wines and homemade cocktails, live events, music, a roof terrace, a dog-friendly terrace, pop-up markets and much more. (Andy Cross, the Denver Post)

When a group of golden friends saw that a historic building in their city was in danger of being redeveloped, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Three years and more than $ 6 million later, the Golden Mill was opened to the public. It’s a dining room with five vendors, a beer room with more than 50 local beers, and a community center with art and music, as well as many other events on tap.

Let’s not forget the rooftop terrace overlooking Clear Creek, Table Mountain, Mount Zion, and the other golden landmark, Coors Brewery.

When you go

The Golden Mill is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 1012 Ford Street in Golden. Look out for live music, collaborations, and other events on

“We couldn’t just let this be demolished and developed into something only for (condo residents),” said co-owner Susan Ganter. “We just knew we had to do something that was for the community.”

The path to reopening the mill in its newest form began with a historical name that Ganter and its co-owners took over together with the city of Golden. The mill was first established in the 1860s, but what it says today is a combination of a 1923 warehouse and a 1985 structure that is now combined with a sleek design that once housed the mill race.

Most recently, the property served as a feed store, where golden residents like Ganter picked up their pet food and agricultural supplies.

Banks, a 5 month old French Bulldog, is enjoying the dog-friendly terrace at the Golden Mill on opening day, April 10th. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)

“We have lived here for 20, 25 years and we appreciate that,” said Ganter. “It’s overwhelming to a certain extent because people are just so excited to be here now. So many people have said, “I bought my dog ​​food or horse feed or chickens here.” ”

On a last weekday evening, as the dining room was preparing to open, guests and drinkers cavorted between the front terrace, the riverside dining area, and the open roof.

Customers can choose between Mexican snacks such as Birria Gorditas from Tacos al Chile or sashimi on the roof and sack shells from Sushi Sora. Nashville has decadent roast chicken, Japanese and Korean prep from the Republic of Chiken, and griddle with baked beans, mac and cheese from the Rolling Smoke BBQ.

Finally, there is New Zealand-style ice cream with real fruit from Happy Cones.

Neither Ganter nor her partners had any experience running a grocery hall or restaurant, so they brought in the team behind Stanley Marketplace and Broadway Market as co-owners. Chef Jesusio Silva runs three of the Golden Mill’s counters, while the ice cream and grill shops are independent.

You will receive an easy-to-pay card at the entrance to purchase from all of them (as well as the beer wall you have poured yourself). You can even skip the close by choosing a tip amount at the beginning.

“You can do whatever you want somehow,” said Ganter. “There are many options here.”

Shredded chicken tacos at the Golden Mill on April 10th. Five local grocers are represented in the new Golden Mill. (Andy Cross, the Denver Post)

While she plans spring events from pop-up retail stores to yoga and Pilates classes, Ganter is excited to see the mill come back to life after years of calm – and especially after the final year of seizures and beginnings. She spends every day seeing how the room interacts with customers and vice versa.

Last week, Ganter stepped out for a break one day and missed perhaps the most perfect Colorado reception for the new place when a kayaker came up from the creek – wetsuit, ankle boots, and everything – for a quick beer.

“The take-out is right there in the east,” laughed Ganter. “That’s exactly what we want.”

A view of the rooftop of Odell Brewing’s new Sloan Lake brewery. This is Odell’s second Denver outpost in Fort Collins and the first to have a full restaurant. (Provided by Odell)

And another new roof to check out

Would you like some views closer to home? Odell Brewing has just opened its second Denver outpost on Sloan’s Lake. The new 10-barrel brewhouse extends over two floors and has a roof terrace and a fully equipped pizza kitchen. Odell brewer Marni Wahlquist runs the pilot brewery, where she will experiment with gluten-free beers and hard kombuchas, among many other styles.

And chef Isaiah Ruffin includes beer in menu items like pretzels and cheese, as well as Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout ice cream. To try the 16 taps and tarts and enjoy the rooftop views, visit 1625 Perry Street daily from 11am to 9pm (10pm on weekends). 303-376-3777;

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