Second Winner of Colorado’s $ 1 Million Comeback Money Introduced Money

DENVER, CO – Governor Jared Polis announced the second $ 1 million winner of the Comeback Cash Vaccine Draw in Colorado on Friday.

And the winner is … Stephanie Ward from Littleton.

“I’m honored to be Colorado’s second comeback cash winner,” said Ward. “At first my family did not agree to have the COVID vaccine. But we weighed the risks and benefits, and ultimately decided that the benefits outweighed any fears we had.

“COVID is a very real thing and for me and many people we have suffered all the losses and lost time over the past year that we cannot take back with our loved ones. Our hope in getting the COVID-19 vaccine is to return to normal and protect our loved ones. “

Ward attended a press conference with her family to receive the oversized check for a million dollars. Ward and her husband have multiple jobs, and she said the money would allow them to cut down on their jobs.

“This money is going to take a huge burden,” she said.

Ward was at work when she got the call informing her that she had won.

“I didn’t think it was real … we get a lot of inquiries,” she laughed.

Three more Coloradans are expected to get $ 1 million richer – a winner will be announced each week through July 7th. The next draws will take place on June 18th, June 25th and July 7th.

“Everyone has their own reason to get vaccinated and anyone who is protected is a winner,” Polis said. “Whether it’s protecting your health, traveling again, seeing your family, or maybe winning a million dollars, there are so many reasons to get your hands on the life-saving COVID vaccine. Congratulations to Stephanie and her family on winning $ 1 million just for getting vaccinated quickly and easily.

“From all of the free drive-through options at any of the six community vaccination sites in Colorado to your GP or even the local CVS or Walgreens down the street, there are a multitude of ways you can get a vaccination today. Don’t wait “Get the highly effective free COVID vaccine ASAP.”

Sally Sliger, from the town of Mead, Weld County, was the winner of the first drawing.

The winners of the Colorado Comeback Cash Scholarship Program were announced Thursday. Twenty additional residents between the ages of 12 and 17 who received at least one dose of their vaccine can each win a US $ 50,000 scholarship.

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Successful incentive programs have been launched in other states, such as the $ 1 million Vax-a-Million lottery in Ohio, which increased vaccinations by more than 25 percent; However, Colorado hasn’t seen a huge surge in vaccination rates due to its sweepstakes.

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