Shady restaurant terraces in opposition to the warmth in Denver, Boulder

Located on a rooftop on the mezzanine, The Garden at The Ramble Hotel serves cocktails and plates from Death & Co … (Provided by The Ramble) from late June to late summer

Editor’s note: This is part of the series from The Know, Staff Favorites. Each week we share our opinions on the best that Colorado has to offer for dining, shopping, entertainment, nature, and more. (We’ll also let you in on some of the hidden gems). Here you will find our previous employee favorites.

Decks to play with, decks to find views, decks to people watch – there are decks for all purposes around Denver and Boulder.

But I enjoyed these terraces for a very specific reason, and that was to escape the city without ever leaving it. During this heat wave or the next, look for one of the following for a true urban oasis.

Industrial escapes

The garden at The Ramble Hotel is just the prettiest roof (on the mezzanine) on Larimer Street. When it returns to the public later this month after the pandemic, drinkers can sip bottled cocktails and frozen brews while grinding crispy watermelon tacos from Death & Co.’s bar and kitchen. 1280 25th St., Denver, 720-996-6300,

The Wiesengrund Bar lost its sister grocery store during COVID, but this space is about to reopen as a pizzeria, Redeemer, and the terrace is still just as popular in the meantime with nightly live music in a trellis garden that feels like a tree house. Go late into the evening for DJ sets or live jazz. 2701 Larimer St., Denver, 303-293-0251,

Succulents line the floor of Hoja’s backyard on Old South Pearl Street. (Provided by Hoja)

Neighborhood treasures

leaf is the smallest restaurant with a silent surprise behind it on Old South Pearl Street. You’ll find a secret back yard with whitewashed walls dotted with palm fronds, chilli ristras, and succulents. Try ice cream parlors de olla (Mexican spiced coffees) and stack breakfast burritos. 1284 S. Pearl St., Denver, 303-777-5919,

Vegetable garden behind the Capitol Hill restaurant a terrace and a garden. The concrete room feels cool enough to sit at the bar or dining room, but the lush garden and covered terrace make it a lot cooler – for a date or special occasion with real cuisine from local producers. 1109 N. Ogden St., Denver, 303-832-5788,

The back deck of the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder overlooks the Flatiron Mountains and features manicured gardens and a gazebo. (Provided by St. Julien)

Castle gardens

Redgarden Terrace at the St. Julien Hotel is the type of lawn for weddings or other seasonal events (and people do). But it’s also an environment – complete with professional landscaping, a gazebo, and views of the Flatiron Mountains – to enjoy just a glass of wine, a leisurely brunch, or sunset dinner. Order the ice-cold espresso martini for dessert or happy hour. 900 Walnut St., Boulder, 720-406-9696,

Domo Japanese Country Foods’ Restaurant Garden is probably the biggest surprise for anyone who has never been to this traditional Lincoln Park neighborhood. And the tradition orientation ranges from the sake service to the spices (no soy sauce on the tables) to the outdoor terrace in the form of spacious Japanese gardens. 1365 Osage St., Denver, 303-595-3666,

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