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The designer Cassy Kicklighter Poole from Kaleidoscope Design took over the master bedroom and bathroom.

“I think a master bedroom should be a place of rest and comfort for everyone … more of a haven, a place to escape,” said Kicklighter Poole.

The room features a fireplace made from the latest building materials, wall paneling, and brass accents that add some warmth.

“In line with the idea of ​​serenity and calm, I really opted for soft tones, so many layers of white, the bed linen and fabrics are all white tones combined with warm gray and beige tones,” said Kicklighter Poole.

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The master bath has a deep modern bathtub and a two-head shower. But the most interesting design feature is the floor. It’s a mix of traditional-looking bathroom tiles and tiles that look like wood floors.

“Instead of just sticking to clean tones, I did something a little more daring by combining patterns and tiles that you may not see often,” explained Kicklighter Poole.

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The living room was designed by Mary Wright, owner of Design Wright. The goal was a very family-friendly space that was sufficiently dressed for entertainment.

“We made a very comfortable section out of a Sunbrella fabric, which means that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Spills are very easy to wipe up, ”Wright told CBS4.

An accent color behind the bookshelf highlights the objects presented on the shelves. And patterns in the curtains and artwork set visually appealing accents.

“There are lots of brass accents. Brass is very important right now, and so we have brass lamps, the brass sculpture on the bookshelf. We have the three vases with the brass ring. We think these things add to the charm of the room, ”Wright explained.

In addition to the pull-out couch, there are some small seating areas that can be pulled up for the game night. The room has a modern fireplace.

“Don’t be afraid to use black. We painted the bookshelf black. Traditionally, people used the same color as the trim, a white or a shade of it, and sometimes the most dramatic thing is to add a black or dark color to really make things stand out, ”Wright said.

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The dining room is a special space at the front of the house with huge picture windows overlooking the neighborhood. This space was designed by Kimberly Timmons Interiors.

“We knew we wanted our concept to bring nature inside, and that through natural materials … plants … the living maple … all of that,” said Nikki Holt, home designer at Kimberly Timmons Interiors.

The room has a custom-made maple dining table, concrete and brass butterfly joints, and a living wall, a frame full of various plants. Holt said they wanted to make sure that every part of the space has what they call “urban glam”.

“With the ‘Wow’ chairs, with the fur cushions. People say, ‘fur cushions on dining room chairs?’ It makes the room softer, ”explained Holt.

The urban glamor feeling is conveyed in leather doors with nail heads on the sideboard and in the artwork.

“Don’t be afraid of white. I think people are scared of white. They think a) it’s modern one way or the other or b) boring. I don’t think it’s both. I think it’s a great neutral backdrop for your “wow” statement pieces, ”Holt told CBS4.

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The entire 2017 designer show home will be featured on this month’s Denver Life Magazine pages. You can use the magazine as a guide as you tour the house. You are sure to have some fun ideas to use in your own home.

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