Slang Worldwide, with US headquarters in Denver, will develop

DENVER, CO – Slang Worldwide, a cannabis packaging company, has announced that it is expanding its manufacturing operations in Colorado.

The company chose Colorado to expand after our state’s Economic Development Commission voted in September to approve up to $ 584,399 in tax credits for job growth over the next eight years.

Slang’s expansion will create 43 new jobs with an average annual wage of $ 75,000, the company said. The new positions will include laboratory technicians, project management and other production-related positions. Slang employs 75 people in its Denver office, US headquarters and Boulder, which is expanding.

“The Colorado cannabis industry has strong growth potential, and this move speaks volumes about the cannabis industry and the community of our state as a whole.”

Colorado competed with California and Oregon for the additional jobs and facility expansion.

“We applaud Governor Polis and the Office for Economic Development and International Trade for once again leading cannabis policy,” said Chris Driessen, President and CEO of Slang.

“Colorado was already a core market for us, so with these state incentives it only made sense for us to double our commitment to the place so many of us, including myself, call home.”

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