Spin-outs and crashes trigger I-70 closings to the east – CBS Denver

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) – Wintry weather hit Colorado’s highlands and the inevitable happened around 1:45 p.m. The eastward lanes of Interstate 70 between Frisco and Silverthorne were closed due to “several spin-outs” and at least one accident.

The lanes reopened shortly before 3 p.m., the Colorado Department of Transportation shares with CBS4. However, they say the status could change as the snow moves in the area.

From 4:45 p.m. the lanes to the east were closed again.

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CBS4’s Jamie Leary reports the streets are in a mess this afternoon.

While ski resorts are finally getting enough snow to cover hazards like rocks and tree stumps at the start of the season, visibility for drivers and drivers on the roads has been a problem.

Bags with almost zero visibility emerged along the I-70 corridor. Snow plows have been in place to keep up, but CDOT officials are asking everyone to be prepared.

A semi truck had to stay in Colorado an extra night to find chains before the storm. He told Leary it was his first month on the job, and little did he know he could face a fine without her.

“I didn’t know on September 1st that they passed a law that you had to have them in the truck, so when I saw the signs I just had to park for a day to find a set …” he said. “I’ve called three or four different places and nobody had them and there are no Loves or TAs around.”

# I70 has just closed EB in Silverthorne … Schild says long delays must be expected. Working to find out why. I know the roads are really bad right now, as is the visibility. Stay safe out there as you travel the mountain corridor! @ColoradoDOT @CBSDenver @SilverthorneCO pic.twitter.com/AdaAsMurOZ

– Jamie Leary (@JamieALeary) January 5, 2022

CBS4 meteorologist Ashton Altieri predicts that most ski resorts will get 8 to 16 inches of total snowfall. He says there will be a winter storm warning for the entire I-70 mountain corridor from Georgetown to Glenwood Springs through 12:00 noon Thursday.

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The Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas will rise to about 40 degrees in the early afternoon before dropping about 30 degrees in 6 hours or less when cold air enters. Temperatures in the Denver area will be in the single digits by the end of the evening commute.

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