SweetWater Brewing Fort Collins Brewery Grand Opening – Colorado Springs, Colorado

SweetWater Brewing Co. will open a large, 32,450-square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Collins in late fall 2021. The brewery is known for its flagship 420 Additional Pale Ale. (Sold by SweetWater Brewing Co.)

Candy Water Brewing Co., creator of the well-known 420 Additional Pale Ale based primarily in Atlanta, has expanded significantly into Colorado with plans to build a large front-range brewery and open a taproom at Denver Worldwide Airport. I am.

This week SweetWater announced plans to relocate to its 32,450-square-foot Fort Collins manufacturing facility that was previously the home of Crimson Truck Brewing Co. This area includes a 10,000 square meter taproom that is currently being remodeled due to delays. Autumn opening. Laird Malderinck, vice chairman of operations at Fort Collins Brewery, mentioned that the company had also added a west-facing outdoor beer garden, which allows drinkers to enjoy a cold beer from one of the many 18 taps and look out over the To enjoy mountains. You will be able to see.

SweetWater Brewing Co., Freddy Bensch, mentioned that when Boulder Brewing Co. got into the business in 1992, it made sense to expand to Colorado with a brand new brewery. (Sold by SweetWater Brewing Co.)

The Candy Water Bar at Denver Worldwide Airport in Concourse B opens this week. Information on the breweries’ expanded presence in Centennial will follow the announcement in January. Distribute beer across the state after being unique to the Telluride space for a few years.

Co-founder and CEO Freddy Bensch started working with beer kegs at Boulder Brewing Co. in 1992. When he opened Candy Water in Georgia 25 years ago, he brought the spirit of Colorado to the model. He mentioned that it was pure to put down roots here.

“The basic idea was to create limitless topics such as recreational music, trout fishing, nature, the environment and, in the end, hashish,” says Bensch. “No state or nation is as in tune with Candy Water as Colorado.”

Having a brewery right here also means the opportunity to penetrate new product areas. In December, Canadian hash company Aphria, now known as Tilray, acquired $ 300 million in candy water in cash and stock. Given the brewery’s cannabis-friendly focus on spreading beers that are impressed by marijuana strains and the fact that marijuana merchandise should be brought to market, cannabis-injected releases are a future opportunity.

“If we don’t discover this potential additionally, we will likely be disaffected,” said Bensh. “We have to say what we definitely don’t say.”

Benche believes the Colorado scaffolding would be the starting point for Sweetwater to continue to unfold along the west coast. Based on Maldelink, its staff, along with a number of the currently closed Crimson Truck Brewery, are currently building a special recipe for Colorado drinkers that will likely be in the market when it opens just months later. May be.

Until then, drinkers can discover Candy Water’s flagship recipes in shops and bars across the state.

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