The Denver actual property growth can profit first-time consumers

DENVER (KDVR) – Despite soaring property prices, the Denver real estate boom is opening up opportunities for homeowners and families looking to plan for the future for the first time.

After the Saenz-Perez family worked hard and saved enough money to move out of subsidized housing, they bought the house of their dreams.

“Just to have a little piece of this big old earth that you can call,” said Bonnie Saenz-Perez.

The loving family of seven gathered around their new dining table, laughing, sharing, doing homework, and most of all, appreciating a home that could accommodate everyone.

House out of reach: the price of a house

Josephine Saenz-Perez tells the FOX31 problem solvers in tears: “I feel very blessed and grateful because I simply never thought that I would live in such a big house.”

Thanks to the Denver real estate boom, the family home is now worth nearly $ 200,000 more than it was three years ago, which Father Cesar says will help secure the children’s futures.

“It offers something that you couldn’t offer before, you are actually paying for your future with the equity we have in this house. If I rented, I couldn’t use that to pay for someone’s college,” said he.

Coldwell Banker Realty realtor Kathy Casey sold her dream home to the Saenz-Perez family. She tells problem solvers that she may relate to the family’s joy and excitement for a very good reason.

“I grew up on the projects,” she said.

Casey is one of the most successful real estate agents in the metropolitan area, selling million dollar real estate in the Cherry Creek area. She also supports organizations that help families make the transition from subsidized housing to home ownership.

House out of reach: sell while the market is hot

“It just means a lot to me because this is the first step for you to change the trajectory to transform your family’s financial future,” she said.

Casey points out that despite the rise in Denver real estate values ​​and prices, low interest rates, first-time buyer programs make affordable mortgage payments possible, and there are properties on the market that are listed for less than $ 200,000.

“Whenever I can open the door to someone, especially someone who didn’t think they could qualify or own a home, it’s just worth it,” Casey said.

Bonnie Saenz-Perez tells FOX31 that she and her husband were lucky enough to find the right home at the right price.

Home Out of Reach: Denver homes sell within a week

“I believe it was God who was sent and saved for us,” she said.

The family had a dream house that you have to have – to finally have enough space for a dining table.

“Somewhere where the family could sit and have dinner together,” said Bonnie.

Cesar adds that at the end of the day it is important that families gather in one place.

“As a father you want to know what you are doing at school, when it comes to dinner, we all sit together at the table. Sometimes we put the phones down, ”he said with a chuckle.

Daughter Josephine contemplates living in a small house when the family rented while her parents were saving money and planning to buy a residence.

“To see how my father works so hard for us all, cares for us and tries so hard, I know that you wish you had a home for us to finally be there, it’s just amazing”, she said.

If you need an apartment or are interested in home ownership, the Denver Housing Authority and first-time buyer organizations can help.

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