The Denver grocery financial institution ran out of groceries shortly earlier than the vacations

Eden Armendariz said their freezers were too empty to help families over the winter months.

DENVER – Eden Armendariz runs a grocery bank in the basement of a church in Denver and has to solve different problems every day.

“I see that a lot is happening, yes,” said Armendariz.

She has been the executive director of the Josie M. Bedford Food Pantry at Redeeming Love Fellowship Church in Denver for 20 years.

“It was a challenge,” she said. “I run into barriers and face barriers that I never thought I would ever see, and I see it today.”

She believes supply chain problems and the nationwide labor shortage are leading to a decline in the food supply. When contacting organizations to find food, she said that only about half of the normal inventory was available.

“I’m very worried,” she said. “By this point I should have every refrigerator, every freezer should be full. We are preparing to feed about 700 to a thousand households, and my freezers are empty.”

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Margaret Siletto is a client and volunteer at the Tafel.

“I get scared myself because I have four adopted children. They are my biological grandchildren and they live with me,” said Siletto. “I get a check and I serve eight people in my house.”

Armendariz said she spoke on the phone for hours every day.

“I’m trying to roll food and sell it, understand where the food is, how much more can I have? What product was received,” she said.

With the cold weather ahead, Siletto said more families are in need and are relying on this tablet.

“Without this kitchen a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it here,” she said.

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“If I’ve ever seen a year when we have to come together as a whole, this is the year we come together,” said Armendariz.

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