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While restaurants in the Colorado area continue to resort to the drawing board amid COVID-19 restrictions, the Wild Corgi Pub has picked an easy new destination: fried nostalgia.

The corgi spotted the many stoned, hungry potential customers in the Capitol Hill neighborhood late at night and sold “stoner packages” to delivery and take-out customers. The packages contain combinations of items like fried cheese curds, churros, fried snickers, smoked wings, tater-tot nachos, fried pickles, and more. Each order includes both a Capri Sun and a Hi-C juice box.

While live drag shows and LGBTQ charity auctions – both of Corgi’s mainstays before the pandemic – are currently not an option to do business with, co-owner Dusty Jones says late night eaters helped the restaurant stay afloat. The stoner box project started after brainstorming by a few employees that summer, and the corgi recently doubled the number of Munchie combinations available from four to eight.

“We had to move very hard from a service bar and restaurant to a go-to-go during the pandemic to enter this market,” explains Jones. “The [stoner boxes] was kind of a joke between my staff and me. We wanted something quick and simple, but that didn’t take a lot of brainpower … and the Hi-Cs and Capri Suns are a little nostalgic. “

The Corgi has also partnered with the staff’s favorite pharmacy, Verde Natural, to name the eight orders after Verde varieties. Jones’ personal favorite? The Super Lemon Haze, a combination of six smoked (then fried) Buffalo Chicken Wings, fried pickles, ranch dressing and fried oreos, along with the two standard drinks to wash off. Our favorites are the strawberry cough (two pulled pork sliders, chili cheese fries, Sour Patch Kids and the Capri / Hi-C combo) and the mimosa with six Thai peanut wings, potstickers, churros and juice boxes.

The golden goat: curd cheese, chicken tender, churros, a Capri Sun and Hi-C.

The golden goat: curd cheese, chicken tender, churros, a Capri Sun and Hi-C.

Thomas Mitchell

Verde’s chief marketing officer, John Wilhelm, wasn’t aware of the stoner combos until the corgi reached out to the pharmacy to name the combinations after the store’s cannabis offerings, but he quickly got on.

“We think that’s a great idea,” he says. “We love the Wild Corgi team very much. You are a solid member of the community. “

The Corgi offers other options for boxing lunches and family-style take-away and take-away combinations, but Jones says the stoner boxes “did a much better job”.

Still, Jones says the crates alone are nowhere near enough to keep his employees together during the pandemic, and he’s not optimistic about the corgi’s other ingestion options while Denver is on Level Red and personal food is banned in town . He hopes to reopen the place by spring, not just for meals but for entertainment as well. In the meantime, he focuses on takeaway.

“I had to let employees go, but we are very proud to be open,” he says. “It’s scary because you don’t know how long this will take, but I hope we can do it.”

Each Stoner package is $ 20 and can be purchased to take away or at Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. The restaurant plans to open its own delivery service within Cap Hil as well, says Jones.

Please visit the Wild Corgi website for more information.

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