The Denver venue is internet hosting its first live performance in over a yr. The organizers react to new masks tips

DENVER (KDVR) – On Thursday evening, live music was blown through the Asterisk halls for the first time in more than a year. The venue has largely been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and cut off from traditional sources of income such as weddings, concerts and parties.

Thursday’s concert benefited the Colorado Event Alliance, which was formed to help those in Colorado’s events industry during the pandemic. The concert was held with strict protocols, including social distancing and masking requirements. It coincidentally happened the same day that the CDC announced new guidelines for wearing masks indoors.

“We’re still socially distant so we can do it safely and correctly, but it’s a live event so we’re on our way back,” said Syd Sexton.

Sexton founded the Colorado Event Alliance last year after their catering business shut down during the pandemic.

“It was just done. There weren’t any live events at all, ”said Sexton. “And all of these employees were completely unemployed.”

She says many in the industry are excited about the new guidelines, which is likely to mean bigger crowds and less distance in the near future.

“Of course we have to be flexible with vaccinations and how we check that,” Sexton said. “But it means people are coming back to work. All of these employees have their jobs back. “

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