The perfect foods and drinks in Denver this week

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These big, bad, bold burritos are taking over on Monday and Tuesday at Pony Up.

Courtesy Pony Up

Whether you’re looking for homely favorites like barbeques and burritos, fresh and summery peaches from Palisade, or an upscale wine dinner that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time last year … you’re in Denver this week.

Check out these seven food and drink events over the next few days, then read on for future culinary events.

Monday 17th August
Denver’s leading French dip sandwich supplier, Pony Up, on 1808 Blake Street, has another crowd-pleaser: the Mission-style burrito. The difference between the Gallic sandwich and the San Francisco wrap isn’t as big as you might think; essentially both layers are pillow-like carbohydrates that surround oversized piles of hearty meat. For the burrito, however, you have the choice between shrimp, carnitas, beef birria or smoked ribeye instead of the usual French dip fillings (not that the creative sandwiches of this place have anything “usual”). And you California transplant recipients will be able to get your state’s eponymous burrito – not a whole grain tortilla with sprouts and avocados, but a monster filled with chips and carne asada. The service begins on Monday, August 17th and Tuesday, August 18th at 4pm; The bar will also have seating on the terrace for the first time on Monday. Details and other menu items (including the intriguing and tempting Quesadilla Suiza) can be found on the joint’s Facebook page, and takeaway customers can now pre-order from Pony Up’s online store.

Tuesday 18th August
Highland mainstay Parisi, 4401 Tennyson Street, makes the most of an odd situation by mimicking Italy’s sagra – village food festivals that highlight a local specialty – under the tent that has been set up in the restaurant’s parking lot to allow for outdoor seating . Each week the restaurant offers a fixed three-course Sagra menu for one ($ 30), two ($ 60) or four ($ 98) guests. This week’s ingredient? Juicy palisade peaches. Choose from peach and goat cheese salad with champagne vinaigrette; Prosecco and Peach Risotto; or fried pork with red onions, peaches, rosemary and sage. Don’t want the whole meal? You can order the dishes à la carte or to take away; More information is available on the Parisi website.

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Rioja's Spanish Wine Dinner on August 19th is the next best thing after the vacation you planned this summer.  - DANIELLE LIRETTE

Rioja’s Spanish Wine Dinner on August 19th is the next best thing after the vacation you planned this summer.

Danielle Lirette

Wednesday 19th August
Dinner in Rioja is never a consolation prize – unless you actually wanted to travel to the European Union this summer. The downtown restaurant at 1431 Larimer Street can’t change the catastrophic failure of national leadership and public health that has closed most of the world’s borders to US citizens, but it can serve a stunning dinner with wines from northern Spain. On Wednesday, August 19, at 6.30 p.m., Rioja will serve five wines from the regions around the famous Way of St. James (a pilgrimage route that stretches across the country and ends in Galicia). Courses include smoked salmon with Basque chilli vinaigrette, grilled quail stuffed with tarragon sausage and roast duck breast with rose water, plum compote and Farro croquettes. Seating for the in-house feast, $ 99 each, can be reserved on Tock. And even if you travel inside a restaurant-dining room, you don’t have to miss out on it: you can opt for the $ 70 virtual dinner, which includes the same five courses plus a takeaway guide. You can also opt for one (or all five!) Of wine pairings, which are available by the bottle and start at just $ 19. Take a look at Tock for the full menu and a sneak peek of the dates for future wine nights and highlighted regions.

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Bacon Social House will serve other portions of the pig on Thursday.  - WITH KINDLY FROM BACON SOCIAL HOUSE

Bacon Social House will serve other portions of the pig on Thursday.

Courtesy Bacon Social House

Thursday 20th August
It’s not the easiest thing in the world to be a vegan diner – and it was like that in 2019. In 2020, plant-based eaters have found it even harder to eat in Denver restaurants since … Well, you know the exercise. But the Charcoal Bistro at 1028 South Gaylord Street has reopened and the restaurant will resume its vegan dinner series on Thursday, August 20. The food is reminiscent of the time before the pandemic; As always, diners get four courses for just $ 39, and this week’s menu has a southern accent, with artichoke and chickpea crab cakes, smoked tofu with dirty rice, and hummingbird cakes (banana and pineapple spice cake that is common in the south) . Reservations are required (service from 4pm to 8pm) and can be made on the Charcoal website, where you can also see the full menu for the evening.

On Thursday, August 20th, the Bacon Social House will change bacon for grilling. The pork delivery company at 2434 West 44th Avenue will be open for a rare early dinner service; For $ 20, grab a plate of smoked ribs, pulled pork, bacon potato salad, coleslaw, and jalapeño cheddar cornbread. Plates are served for take away from 4pm to 6pm, but the cute courtyard will be open for first-come-first-served seating while Bacon’s Bar is open and mixed. Reserve your spread on Resy.

Anyone who’s ever tried putting together a charcuterie plate with sub-par ingredients knows that making a great looking Hormel pepper and Kraft singles spread is harder than you might think. If you want to make a meat and cheese platter that is Insta-worthy (not to mention delicious), you need to start with the good stuff – and some tips from a pro won’t hurt either. On Thursday August 20th, you can get both in one fell swoop thanks to Niman Ranch and cook Kelly Whitaker from The Wolf’s Tailor and Basta. From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., Whitaker is hosting a live zoom demo where he puts together a party plate to faint guests. Buy a kit – $ 50 when you pick it up at Bruto at 1801 Blake Street; $ 75 when you have it delivered to your door – and you get access to the meeting. The kits each contain 6 ounces of sopressata, salami, prosciutto, hot peppers, and capicolla, as well as a summer sausage, honey, and a trio of cheeses – two cheddars and a cottage cheese – from Milton Creamery. Order deadlines are Monday, August 17, 4 p.m. (for delivery) or Wednesday, August 19 (collection). Visit the Niman Ranch website for more information on the event and the Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation beneficiary of the proceeds.

Friday 21st August
If you know about the Hollywood handshake and dreaded soaked bum, be sure to sign up for a quiz night on Baking Geeks Who Drink Means You Are Going to win on Friday, August 21st. You will want to know the main actors in Bingate who made the orange glazed ring cake in the fifth series, what was behind Mary Berry’s departure from the show and what a “traybake” actually is. There are two start times for the Zoom virtual quiz, 6pm and 7pm, and teams of up to six people can take part for the price of $ 6 per device. Learn more on the Geeks Who Drink Facebook page and get ready, get ready … baaaaaake!

Read on for future food and drink events ….

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