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Every year, breweries across the country have about a week in July or August to post, ship, haul, or haul their entries to the Great American Beer Festival to the Brewers Association, which then stores them in a warehouse before moving on than a hundred bring in volunteer judges to put these beers to the test.

This year this week ends on Friday July 30th and although there won’t be a public festival as part of GABF this year – this party returns in 2022 – there will be a competition, the results of which will be held on September 10th during Craft Beer Conference to be announced, an annual fair. And it means that many Colorado breweries are quietly tapping the beers they brewed for entry with the fingers crossed. This is great news for us as some of the best, most stylish, or popular lagers and ales will be available to drink for the next week or two.

“The best time of year to drink at a brewery is this weekend,” says David Lin, owner of Comrade Brewing, which taps More Dodge Less Ram, its gold medaled IPA of 2019, on July 28th – real IPA, Super Power, on tap in all its GABF glory, as well as a variation brewed by Bull & Bush.

Where else can you find GABF-worthy brews? Lin suggests Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden, which has won thirteen GABF medals in just eight years and currently has at least five of them on its menu, including Vladimir Brutin Brut IPA (GABF silver and bronze), Trump Hands Session IPA (silver and gold ), Netflix and Pils (gold), Featherweight Pale Ale (bronze, silver and gold) and Black 28 Black IPA (gold and silver).

But there are many others. Here is an overview of some of the fun:

Baere Brewing just keeps swimming.EXPAND

Baere Brewing just keeps swimming.

Bear brow

Baere Brewing has five GABF entries on tap or in cans as of July 30th: Less Talk, More Hops Double IPA, Just Keep Swimming New Zealand IPA, Totes Hops, Totes Pops Hazy Strong Pale, Melt-Banana Yeast, and Baere-liner White.

Fiction Beer Company will also be offering three GABF entries in cans on July 30th: Nipped in the Bud Imperial Hazy, Hive Swarm Rye Pale Ale, and Lion’s Ransom Doppelbock. The brewery also plans to take part in their unusual talk song Barrel Aged Cold Brew IPA, which is still on tap in the brewery.

Coda Brewing in Golden presents its Czech dark lager Angier’s Box.

The Long Table Brewhouse has its Czech Super Pils on tap.

Denver Beer Co. will be pouring a lightly smoked Helles, a GABF entry, at their Arvada bar.

Dry Dock Brewing, which markets its excellent lager beers in cans, tapped its Helles a few weeks ago. The beer is a silver medalist at GABF.

Cerveceria Colorado has reissued and tapped its Poblano Pils, which was awarded the GABF medal.

Comrade Brewing has won many awards in many competitions.

Comrade Brewing has won many awards in many competitions.

Comrade brows

Jade Mountain Brewery & Teahouse is introducing a new beer this weekend that will also be on display at GABF: Monkey King Double Sour IPA, brewed with peach, vanilla and lactose. The brewery also pours Nezha pineapple, Sichuan Chili Gose, and the Sichuan Chili Chocolate Stout.

Luki Brewery is currently pouring Pitchman’s Porter, Mad Monkey Mojo IPA and Dark Side of the Malt Dark Lager, all of which have been submitted to the GABF jury.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing in Lafayette, which achieved the maximum value of 94/100 by Craft Beer & Brewing for its Jiggle Juice Hazy IPA, taps the beer, which is also rated by the GABF.

Annual Ska Street Brewstillery will be selling its own beers at GABF this year separately from Ska’s World Headquarters in Durango, including Casual Pilsner and Two Tickets to Palidise, both of which are available on tap.

Uhl’s Brewing in Boulder has Deep Dark Depths and Barrel Aged Big Mole up and running, and it’ll be pouring Lager Down, a light lager of Citra, Amarillo, and El Dorado hops; the beer got a 91/100 from Craft Beer & Brewing.

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Jonathan Shikes is from Denver and writes about business and beer for Westword.

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