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As of Thursday, around 21,000 baseball fans will be able to return to Coors Field for home games for the Rockies. But for those expecting to eat and drink their way through nine (be honest, maybe five) innings, you know the rules have changed to reflect pandemic safety protocols.

Here are the notable changes to the concessions this year:

  • Vendors will not be offering snacks in the stands or anywhere in the stadium.
  • Sunflower seeds and shelled nuts are not allowed.
  • Outside of food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed, provided that they are single servings.
  • Factory sealed plastic bottles and empty reusable plastic or metal cups / beakers are allowed. All items are carried through the metal detectors.
  • All concession stands are open.
  • The discounts are cashless, only credit cards are accepted.
  • Concession lines are delimited with signs for precise distances.
  • Lemonade is sold in packets or in cups with lids and straws.
  • Spices are only offered in disposable packs when purchasing from the concession stands.
  • Portable tables and chairs in common areas will be removed. Guests must eat in their seats.
  • Access to drinks rails, including on the rooftop, is prohibited.
  • Standing room in the ballpark, including the rooftop, is not available for gatherings.
  • The Mountain Ranch Bar & Grill, Mountain Ranch Club, and Toyota Land Cruiser Club will be available for dining per current Colorado dining policy.
  • Mobile beverage ordering will be available on the club level.

For a full guide to Coors Field protocols this season, visit

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