Too scorching to take care of Mathew Stephen Smith’s Instagram reveals off its Colorado roots

Is this man real or what? Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle’s Mathew Stephen Smith’s Instagram is full of amazing photos of himself (obviously), but also of his Colorado home. He’s seriously repping his hometown and showing some love for his state.

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s latest show, it follows attendees on the shores of Mexico as they hang out with other “sexy” singles for $ 100,000 to win. But there is a catch: every person has to forego sex if they want to win the cash prize.

We don’t want to give too much away, but Smith’s time in front of the camera is just as exciting as his life outside of the camera.

Smith currently resides in California but was born and raised in Denver before moving in 2011, according to IMDb.

In addition to making his debut on the new Netflix show, Smith has made a name for himself and has appeared on other television shows such as New Girl, Stitchers, Face Off, and America’s Next Top Model.

Not only is Smith a successful model, but he also travels and documents his time with vivid and funny photos of himself.

Some of the photos that stand out show his pride in the hometown of Colorful Colorado.

Smith repeats his pride in Rocky Mountain State on his Instagram. Some of his older 2019 photos include snapshots of Mount Evans and the Vail Mountain ski area.

In the Fall 2019 issue of Denver Life Magazine, Smith was featured with Mt. Evans in the background. In his post, he raved about how much he enjoyed writing in his home state. “The work is ALWAYS great, but being able to work in your home state is REALLY SPECIAL!”

Colorado is a common setting in Smith’s photos, and we can see why. In this particular picture, he describes it as “a really beautiful place – Colorado”.

With mountains, blue lakes, and lush forests, we can see why Smith isn’t shy about showing off his home state. It’s known for nothing but colorful Colorado.

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