Up to date March 11: Louisville Bracketology Projections

The 2020-21 regular season has ended and Louisville’s life in the ACC tournament has been short. The Cardinals fell to Duke on Wednesday night. How did the last outing affect the team’s chances of winning the NCAA tournament? Cardinal Authority provides an overview of the latest NCAA brackets predictions following the latest updates.

After losing to the Blue Devils, UofL head coach Chris Mack expressed his belief that his team had done enough to secure a place in the dance.

“I’m not worried about my case,” said Mack. “I mean, we played one of the toughest schedules. We had two COVID breaks. If the net – if that includes the profit margin, two of our blowout losses after taking multi-day breaks where COVID was over were the road .

“It is what it is. I think we are certainly able to win games in the NCAA tournament if we get the chance. I think we did enough to deserve it, but I am not in this room.”

Hopefully next up for the Cardinals is the NCAA tournament. I look at the recent bracket projections where Louisville is trending in the wrong direction.

NCAA tournament resume:

recording: 13-6, 8-5 ACC

NET ranking: 57 (5 after the March 10 update)

Pomeroy rating: 56 (down 6)

Sagarin review: 41 (down 2)

ESPN BPI rating: 61 (down 3)

ESPN SOR Rank: 38 (down 8)

RPI: 48 (down 12)

Quad 1 record: 1-5

Quad 2 record: 6-1

Bracket matrix projection: Second seed No. 11 (unchanged)

Tall seed: No. 8

Low seed: No. 12

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