Uptown is getting a brand new bar from the homeowners of the Horseshoe Lounge, Embassy Tavern – The Denver Put up

Leigh Jones and Margaret Moore are eager to open another bar concept together.

They opened the Horseshoe Lounge at 414 E. 20th St. on the outskirts of Uptown in 2007 and the Embassy Tavern at 3463 Larimer St. in Five Points in 2018.

Last week, with the help of one of their friend and former bartender, Kiendl Smith, and a silent partner, the duo launched a new sister concept called the Dew Drop Inn at 17th Avenue in Uptown.

“Our other bars are all pretty straightforward bars, and we’ve wanted to do something a bit more upscale for a while,” said Moore. “Every business plan we’ve launched over the past 15 years started with the name Dew Drop Inn, so we decided to stick with it in the end.”

When you go

Dew Drop Inn, 1033 E. 17th Ave., 3pm to midnight daily

“Our bars are not exactly the bars you have to meet or bring your mom to,” says Jones, who is also a partner at the Crow Bar in Berkeley. “This is where you go to meet your neighborhood friends. I mean, our company slogan is “Make regular customers”. Even if this one is a bit more upscale, technically it won’t feel any different than Horseshoe. It will still have the same old ‘cheers’ mentality where everyone knows your name. “

The Dew Drop Inn is a cocktail bar open daily from 3:00 PM to 12:00 PM serving cold meats and mussels. The featured cocktails are “old school and reminiscent of the pre-prohibition era,” like an old-fashioned, Manhattan, Negroni, and boulevard cocktail, Smith said.

“It’s in no way exclusive or super chic; That’s the market, ”said Jones. “Everyone wants a nice cocktail, but maybe the person with them wants a PBR, so we just wanted to show both sides of it.”

The Dew Drop Inn team signed a lease for the 1,600-square-foot space in April. It used to be the home of Shanty’s Supper Club. Sirup restaurant owner Tim Doherty opened it in 2018 and closed it last year amid the pandemic.

Smith and Moore worked together at the bar years ago, and Smith did a brief bartending job in the Horseshoe Lounge after working as a beer buyer for Lowry’s Beer Garden. She said she made the decision to join the team “as a natural next step in her career”.

“Dew Drop Inn is exactly what the neighborhood needs,” said Smith. “This warm, cozy, dark, friendly place is missing, and we have already received a good response since we opened.”

The Dew Drop Inn is adjacent to the Uptown location of Stoney’s Bar & Grill, which opened in 2018.

“The symbiosis with Stoney’s will help us make a great neighborhood for the area,” said Jones. “You can go to Stoney’s for the game and come to us if you’re looking for something a little more upscale. And the café completes the area. You know, rising tides raise all ships. “

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