Vape-Free Faculties Initiative Goals to Finish Tobacco Use in Colorado Excessive Faculties – CBS Denver

(CBS4)– Almost one in five teenagers across the country vape, according to the American Lung Association. Here in Colorado, high school tobacco use is 28%. The American Lung Association is working to reverse this trend through its Vape-Free Schools initiative. The program offers educators training to provide alternatives to suspension to students who use tobacco on school premises.

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“The reason we want an alternative to the suspension program is that if you suspend children for using a very addictive substance, they’re more likely to stay home and vape and miss out on educational opportunities,” said Ellen Penrod, executive director of American Lung Association in Colorado.

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The Vape-Free Schools Initiative also offers a ten-week program that guides students through the entire leaving process.

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“If all children stop at the same time, they have peer support to really make it through to the end. One of the things I love about this program is that not only does it help children quit, but it also helps them with peer pressure. It helps them feel better and have a better relationship with their parents because it really is a whole coping mechanism for them. “

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These programs cost $ 400 per school to set up, which is why the American Lung Association created the Vape-Free Schools Scholarship Fund. The goal is to raise $ 400,000 to support 1,000 schools by the end of 2021. Any school can apply for funding. To donate, visit

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