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Announcing the Elite Eight of Denver’s March ‘Za Madness: Blue Pan, Walters 303, Deli Italia, Cosmos, White Pie, Cart-Driver, Joy Hill and Pizzeria Locale.

These winning pizzerias will move on to the next round of the tournament, which starts at 6am on Tuesday, March 30th and ends at 12pm on Monday, April 5th.

So you have a week to vote for the Final Four, and if it is anything like the last, we are facing an exciting countdown to the championship. (Thank you for all concerned emails and calls!)

Here are the results from the past week:

Blue pan (by a narrow margin of 51%) defeated Grabowski

Walters 303 (63%) def. Enzo’s end

Delicatessen Italy (53%) def. Beau Jo’s

cosmos (58%) def. Fat Sullys

White cake (55%) def. Famous Original J’s

Wagon driver (the closest 50%, 34 votes ahead) def. Marco’s coal fired

Joy Hill (51%) def. Pizzeria Lui

Local pizzeria (58%) def. Ester

Editor’s note: Feel free to fill in your brackets and have fun with the Denver Za Madness. Voting takes place online every week, and the winners of each match-up are posted on The Know and printed in the grocery section of the Denver Post the following week until we get to a local champion. May the best pizza win.

Download a printable version of the bracket to play with your friends!

The Denver Post’s Pizza Clip, Round 3. Voting ends on Monday, April 5th at 12:00 noon.

Blue Pan versus Walter’s 303

  • Walters 303 (60%, 5,646 votes)
  • Blue Pan (40%, 3,839 votes)

Total number of voters: 9.485

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Deli Italia versus Cosmo’s

  • Deli Italy (55%, 5,451 votes)
  • Cosmos (45%, 4,390 votes)

Total number of voters: 9,841

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White Pie vs. Cart Driver

  • Cart Driver (67%, 39,185 votes)
  • White Pie (33%, 19,015 votes)

Total number of voters: 58,200

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Joy Hill versus Pizzeria Locale

  • Pizzeria Locale (56%, 7.172 votes)
  • Joy Hill (44%, 5,738 votes)

Total number of voters: 12,910

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