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DENVER (CBS4) – One of baseball’s up and coming personalities went to a bar in Denver to meet with local fans and prove that the youth movement among fans is strong.

“We have made our presence in the baseball field tangible. We plan to get past baseball if we can. We just love the game so it’s really just about being fun, passionate and letting your opinion speak for itself I guess, ”said Jimmy O’Brien or, as some know him, Jomboy. “There is definitely a huge space for fan-made media. We’re a Yankees company. We love it. We love baseball. We like the players and we give them a voice and show their personality. A light on the players and the fun of sport. “

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O’Brien started tweeting about Yankees games a few years ago but has grown a company into a media empire comprised of huge social media followers and a growing podcast library.

“It all started when I lived with her family at my current wife’s and then girlfriend’s house and had no one to talk to about baseball. I love the yankees. I watch every single game. I went to Twitter, I just started tweeting every game. I put that in the making of videos and podcasts and saw if people would get into longer fittings, and now it’s all, ”said O’Brien.

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Jomboy Media added live events to the portfolio as dozen of fans paid for a VIP experience and watch party for the all-star game in Improper City in the RiNo district.

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“They have nothing to do with SportsCenter. They cover what is really important. Yes, they go for tangents on occasion, but that’s the fun part of it. They cover what actually happens, ”said Thomas Gentry, who traveled to Denver from his Colorado Springs home. “It’s not every day that the All-Star game is an hour and a half away, and the guys I hear three times come in a week. I had to meet her. “

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Concerns have been circulating in baseball for years that the fan base is too old. The crowd at the Tuesday night event proved that there is a very young fan base out there, and their interest can be piqued on multiple platforms where Jomboy Media is thriving.

“They are funny, the breakdown of complicated subjects like statistics that are not just the field average and ERA and make it easy to understand. It’s that combination of the fan perspective and the pro perspective that makes it so easy to digest, ”said Gentry.

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“These are the people who make everything worthwhile,” said O’Brien of his fans. “For us and other people like us to come in, do fun content and let baseball fans know you’re fine, you can enjoy this sport. It is great!”

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