Who has the very best pizza in Denver? Vote within the Denver Publish’s pizza clip.

Lordy, people in Denver are crazy about their pizza and sure about their favorites. More than 55,000 votes were cast in the first round of the Denver Post Championship’s Pizza Brace.

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This week’s winners who carry on in brackets:

Blue Pan (with 54% of the total vote) defeated Hops & Pie
Grabowski (64%) def. Crush
Walters (82%) def. cross-section
Enzo’s end (62%) def. Piccolo
Beau Jo’s (59%) def. Bonnie Brae
Deli Italia (62%) def. Vestibule
Fat Sullys (73%) def. marquis
Cosmos (64%) def. Brooklyn’s best
White Pie (70%) def. Audrey Jane
Famous original J’s (75%) def. new Yorker
Car driver (77%) def. Basta
Marco’s Coal Fired (82%) def. Vero
Joy Hill (55%) def. Babette
Pizzeria Lui (64%) def. avenue
Ester (62%) def. Naughty
Pizzeria Locale (69%) def. Protos

The voting in round 2 ends on Monday, March 29th at 12:00 noon – and may the best win.

Editor’s note: Feel free to fill in your brackets and have fun with the Denver Za Madness. Voting takes place online every week, and the winners of each match-up are posted on The Know and printed in the grocery section of the Denver Post the following week until we get to a local champion. May the best pizza win.

Download a printable version of the bracket to play with your friends!

The Denver Post’s Pizza Clamp, Round 2. Voting ends on Monday, March 29th at 12:00 noon.

Blue Pan versus Grabowski

  • Blue Pan (51%, 5,249 votes)
  • Grabowski (49%, 5,125 votes)

Total number of voters: 10.374

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Walters 303 towards Enzo’s end

  • Walters 303 (63%, 1,524 votes)
  • Enzo’s end (37%, 909 votes)

Total number of voters: 2,433

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Beau Jo’s Vs. Deli Italia

  • Deli Italy (53%, 2,309 votes)
  • Beau Jo’s (47%, 2,049 votes)

Total number of voters: 4.358

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Fat Sully’s versus Cosmo’s

  • Cosmos (58%, 2,992 votes)
  • Fat Sullys (42%, 2,148 votes)

Total number of voters: 5.140

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White Pie versus Famous Original J’s

  • White Pie (55%, 9,507 votes)
  • Famous Original J’s (45%, 7.767 votes)

Total number of voters: 17.274

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Cart-Driver versus Marco’s Coal Fired

  • Cart driver (50%, 1,956 votes)
  • Marco’s Coal Fired (50%, 1,922 votes)

Total number of voters: 3.878

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Joy Hill vs. Pizzeria Lui

  • Joy Hill (51%, 1,123 votes)
  • Pizzeria Lui (49%, 1,068 votes)

Total number of voters: 2.191

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Ester versus Pizzeria Locale

  • Pizzeria Locale (58%, 1,978 votes)
  • Ester (42%, 1,404 votes)

Total number of voters: 3.382

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