Younger Colorado lady whose mom, Kaylee Messerly, has been charged with synthetic legs for baby molestation – CBS Denver

(CBS4) – A 3-year-old girl is making a comeback after she, her sister and mother were found stranded in the bitter cold of Moffat County, northwest Colorado, in March. The sister died and Kaylee Messerly, the mother, was arrested and tested positive for drugs.

Alena (Image credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger recently visited Dave Smith, the father, and his surviving girl. Her name is Alena and it was hard to believe that she smiled during the visit after going through it all.

“I told her that her sister died and she said that Sissy died. Another time she said, ‘What is Sissy doing?’ “

In March, Alena, her sister, and mother were discovered in the Moffat County wilderness. Her car was stuck in the mud near 54 County Road. They spent two nights in the cold and suffered severe frostbite. They were nearby but didn’t use a heated pump house. Alena survived, but both legs had to be partially amputated. Her one and a half year old sister Emma was found without shoes, socks or hat and died.

Her mother, Kaylee Messerly, was near her car. She told MPs that they were looking for stones. She tested positive for several drugs.

Kaylee Ann Messerly (Image credit: Moffat County)

Smith said, “Maybe she was just high on meth, or maybe some kind of suicide.”

That, he says, goes back to another incident.

“She was found and said she didn’t want to be here anymore and said something like that that she wanted to take her children with her.”

He says when Alena was born she had meth in her system. The sheriff’s department says the human services failed to file neglect reports. It wouldn’t comment.


(Credit: CBS)

But now the 3-year-old is celebrating a comeback and is being equipped for artificial legs.

“However, she is in high spirits. She does good normal 3 year old things differently from that, ”her father said.

For Smith, taking care of his daughter means he will not be able to work on his construction job.

“Life is difficult now. Everything has changed. Everything is upside down and we were used to everything. Now everything will be different for a while, ”he said.

While Messerly faces charges of child molestation that leads to death, Smith fears that she will not give up the fight for custody of her surviving daughter.

CBS4 reached out to Messerly who said “reporters” were lying and promised to call back. She did not.

LINK: GoFundMe is supposed to help Dave Smith and Alena

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